Sunday, September 11, 2005

Steven wins medal and praise!

Sunday Morning. Getting ready for church and feeling like sharing yesterdays activities. Stevens team won 2 of the 3 games played. They all played hard and were thrilled to recieve a medal at the end of the day. Steven had a big moment when he was chosen to be a shooter in the sudden death overtime. His shot was stopped but....he gave her the old Pele like fist pump when it was stopped. He has the old mans flair for the drama! When it was all over his coach told him that he was the most improved player that she had on her team. I felt good for him. :-)

For those that are wondering....I did sit in my chair and yell.

The Demo Derby? It was fun....lots of smoke and lots of people in the crowd with missing teeth. Fed the family for $8, heard waay too much Garth Brooks music, and participated in several ooohs and ahhs as cars caught on fire or blew radiators! A spledid time was had by all!

Vikings vs. Bucs today......prediction- 17-10 Vikes.

I will be back later today to break down the Vikes game....frame by frame ....make plans to be thrilled. ( please tell me you have better things to do than to wait for this! )


Lori said...

I have better things to do than wait for this.....but I'll still read all about it! ;-)

Have a good one!!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations dad and Steven!!! Great pictures and I thank you for the description of the activities.. Big hug to both of you!!! Tell Steven that "Bumpa" is so very very proud of him...