Sunday, September 18, 2005

Viking ship adrift....captain is missing.

Well well. 2 games into the season and the town is in a tizzy! Our purple clad warriors have laid two big eggs already!

Today the lads decided to have Cincinatti Bungles toy with them for 4 quarters and feign the fact that they were even out there to make a effort to compete. 37-8 was the final and it wasnt really even that close.

Right now this club has a couple of things going right for them.

1. They play in a horrible division and they still have a chance.
2. They have a punter that punts!

Not alot to brag about there. The offense is totally confused...the quarterback has no confidence and the defense is so tired from being on the playing field for 80% of the game that they cannot stop anyone.

So what do we do at this point. If you should have a solution ...right?

We need to put our offensive head coach back to a line coach ( what he was good at) and let Tice call the plays! The man is swimming for his job at this point. At least he can control his destiny!

Ok that was a small for some humor. I became so irratated at this game today that I got off the chair, yelled at the TV and then.....

VACCUMNED THE HOUSE! Ahh yes I can hear wives all over praying for more horrible Vikings games! :-)

I feel much better, thanks for reading!

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Anonymous said...

I didn't even watch the game til there was 2 minutes left...Not good, but I still have hope for the Vikings.... Love reading your comments, your soooooo good. Did you have a good day on Cherol's Birthday?