Wednesday, September 14, 2005

What I have been listening to this week

1. Rolling Stones- A Bigger Bang-
Best Stones since Tattoo You in '81. Hard to believe they have this much left in them after all of these years.

2. Paul McCartney- Chaos and experiements in the backyard-
Geez do you have to be over 60 to make great cd's? Like the Stones...McCartney surprises alot of people by making a vital piece of music. Unlike his previous solo stuff that had filler in it...this is a CD that is strong from start to finish. A bit on the quiet side, it might seem tame to some...but it grows on you. Be patient! :-)

3. The Motels- All 4 one-
I found this at a used store for $5.99. Had it on cassette for years. Released in 1981 it was a nice mix of new wave and some surf music. Very poppy in some areas but not wimpy!

4. J.Geils -Bloodshot.
1973- before the 80's freeze frame era. Straight up r/b by the best white soul group in the united states at the time. Includes the hit "give it to me".

From time to time I will be sharing what I am listening to .....good way for me to indulge in my critic "inner child"!


Lori said...

Hey!!! What happened to TED??!!

Michael said...

man cant live on ted alone :-)