Monday, September 12, 2005

A short vikings recap!

I will keep it short and simple....Vikings could not block a 90 year old grandmother trying to get into a shopping aisle. They lost cant you tell! :-)

Its a rainy day here in the land of rain basins . I love the rain...something renewing about a nice downpour. My son doesnt care as much for thunder and lightening, he gets really spooked and usually spends the night in his sleeping bag on the floor by our bed! I give him the "Dad wont let anything bad happen to you" thing....but he isnt buying it yet! :-)

Well better get back to doing what I get paid for!



Anonymous said...

I am enjoying your day by day goings on. Love your style of writing.... What a gift. Course I am your mother.

Michael said...

Glad you figured it out. thank you mom for your kind words, it makes me feel very good.

Lori said...

I still get spooked by storms myself! Got one brewing outside now as I!

Fun to see what you're up to!