Thursday, September 29, 2005

A night out with the dog

Its Thursday night and I have just returned from my weekly trip to dog training. Ever since Reggie was a wee pup...I have had him in dog obiedience training. I really believe that I enjoy it more than he does...but that requires another blog entry complete with Freudian analysis!

Tonight was a wierd one for good ol' Reg. Not to brag but...he is usually one of the better dogs in class. Tonight.....well he could have cared less! He was too interested in greeting all the other dogs and doing his own thing. Even though I love it when he does everything flawlessly, I still enjoy the fact that he is such a social butterfly! So I dont get too crazy when he messes up.

Tomorrow, my storage shed is being delivered. We have saved for this for about a year. Its become a item that is needed. You know how it goes.....every year more junk shows up in your garage and basement ( sorry californians....its a Minnesooooota thing!) and you have a harder time finding places for it! Geez you think a creative guy like me that works in a warehouse could find a spot for this???? Nah.....time for a shed! Pictures will be posted.

Well, time to get to bed. Weather is dipping into the low 40's at night! Great sleeping weather for me!

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Anonymous said...

Happy you did a little blogging today. Miss when you don't. I'm sure you will be busy filling up your new piece of property. It's always exciting to get something new. Enjoyed by day off. Got a few things accomplished.
Looking forward to hearing from you soon.