Saturday, September 17, 2005


Yes, today is Cherols birthay! Steven and I are going to let "Mom" go wherever she wants today. I will not drag her to Cd stores...or have her go to pet shops to look at the same dog toys we have looked at for the last year. Steven wont have her looking for comic books or collectable cards!

I will gladly go to all the stores she wants to go to. I will sit patiently by the dressing rooms as she tries on as many clothes that her heart desires. I WILL NOT COMPLAIN!

This is my mission. It wont be hard. I owe her. She does so many things for me that I hope she never feels that I take for granted.

Heres to you my Lindstrom Girl!

Happy Birthday
Love Mike,Steven and Reggie!


Lori said...

Happy Birthday to Cherol! I like that whole "shopping where I want to shop" thing...and the patient and non complaining husband part, too! My birthday is exactly one month from tomorrow....still time to give out big hints to my husband!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Cherol. I thought your birthday was the 17th?
Hope you have a great day and that Mike(the good husband he is) will hold true to his words.

Maybe will get together for luncH?
It's your call......ay

Anonymous said...

Dear Cherol: It is your day and you have Mike's words fresh in your mind for a day of fun fun fun... Enjoy, Enjoy, Enjoy!!!

Many many more... Love Bumpa

Anonymous said...

The picture is great.. Hope the ones I turned out will be as good.

Enjoyed our brunch together and hope the rest of the day was as pleasant and eventful.

Many more birthdays!