Saturday, September 24, 2005

Blogging...What does it all mean?????

One of the interesting things about deciding to create a blog site is the question of why would you bother to do such a thing. Is it a vanity project where you think people hang on every word with excited anticipation of what your rapier wit is ready to spew out? Is it a place where you nightly lash out about what makes life so unfair and how you are a victim? Or is it a place where you just like to sit down and try to in words, show people what makes you tick?

After about 3 weeks of assorted entries into this site, the handfull of people that read this kinda know where I am coming from when it comes to blogging. I have seen way too many blogs that have become personal pulpits that are nothing than just a waste of time for many. In short do you want some whiiiiine with that cheese?

In contrast to most of these blog sites, I have had some good examples to follow. I will share with you one that always makes me feel a little better for reading it.
She always seems to write from the heart and about normal life. I like that....hope to keep up to that standard.

On a much higher profile. Rock legend Pete Townshend today opened a blog site that he uses to distribute chapters of a novel that he is writing. He thinks that by letting people get their hands on the novel and being able to leave feedback he will be able to get a much better feel for what his audience thinks. Another novel idea on how to use the internet ( you can slap me now for the bad wordplay!) Here is the link for for that site in case you are interested.

Speaking of comments. I always love to get them. I have a ego also. :-) I like to know who is out there!

Quick briefing on how to leave a message! And you all know who you are who need this! :-)
1. Click on the comments link below the post that I have left...that you want to comment on.
2. Type in the leave your comment box
3. Type the word above the word verification box.
4. Then click on the "login and publish" button.
And that is it!

Go Vikings !

Talk to you tomorrow!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

To Blog or Not to Blog!!!
That is the Question!!!

Well, the answer is in the ability to sort out on paper or computer the thoughts of the mind and to sit back and to look at what is going on...

Daily reflections on one's life or interests in my opinion is so important and I admire the fact that so many individuals are actually going online to do this...

Kudos... and keep up the sharing of your thoughts.....