Thursday, September 08, 2005

Moss is still the boss.

Here I sit watching the first game of the NFL season, Oakland Raiders Vs. New England Pat's. Big day for us football freaks, the beginning of a new season, a new beginning for all of the teams in the NFL. The corny cliche comes to mind...."they all start 0-0"! Fantasy football rubes are all huddled around the TV praying that thier 1st round pick doesnt blow out a knee celebrating a touchdown!

But alas its a somewhat bittersweet evening for your intreped reporter. I just watched Randy Moss catch a 73 yrd touchdown pass. As you know..I am a Viking fan (still a soft spot for my childhood love the Raiders) and it seems weird seeing Mr. Moss sporting #18 and wearing the silver and black. Its like seeing a old girlfriend and remembering all of the great things about her and forgetting all of the horrible junk that made you run away from her like your hair was on fire!!!! Yep, Moss will do that for you.

Beware Raider fans ( Yeah I am talking to you Gopman!) He will break your heart!!!!!!
sniff sniff! I didnt have a girlfriend that ran over traffic cops or got in trouble like Moss.
And if I did I wouldnt tell ya! :-)


Lisa said...

The best part of the game for me was the fact that the Rolling Stones played first ;)

Michael said...

I have to agree! Rough Justice sounded great!

Lori said...

Welcome to the world of blog, Mikester! Nice to see a familiar face...

Anonymous said...

Missed the game Mikester!!! But loved your comments and your insight!!!

Do you remember Johnny Lujack?? #32??? What information can you forward to me on that old football star?


Anonymous said...

Rough Justice is ok; but Prince is both the Twin Cities' most famous musician and the most complete rock star ever. And in March 2004, he became Minnesota's newest member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Also be certain to see Under the Cherry Moon to experience the total range of this iconoclastic superstar!