Thursday, September 22, 2005

A reality check.

Its been a few days since I have felt well enough to write. A unwelcome bout of kidney stones had me in alot of pain for the last 2 days. I feel much better now and also feel gratefull to be up and walking around! Funny how God gives you these reality checks and forces you to appreciate one of his greatest gifts. Health.

Hmmm....well let see what has gone on since my "horrible sabbatical!". We had some very nasty storms roll through here last night. They luckly missed us, unfortunatly they nailed people to the north of us. Several houses were damaged and tons of trees were uprooted. Winds were in the 80 mph range. It just makes you think of how awesome the power of these hurricane winds must be. Even in my hunchback state ( kidney stone shelp as I call it) I got up and watched the storm. I love long as there isnt golfball sized hail pelting my house or trees are not flying at my roof!

I spent some of my time (when I was up) catching up on getting my library music transferred onto cd. I sure love the computer for doing this. I remember (uh oh old guy pre-technology story about to follow) back when I was a 10-11 year old pedaling up to the libary in Fresno California to pick up albums that I would record onto cassettes. In fact, I remember my dad making tapes for me when I was even younger. I give him credit for "planting the seed" of my lifelong love of all types of music. My earliest tape that I remember him giving me was .

side 1. Jackson 5 ( debut album)

side 2. Paul Simon -self titled.

From there it became a nice long journey that continues today. I listen to everything...doesnt mean that I love everything, but I feel like I want to hear what its all about. I take alot of pride in the fact that my son Steven is showing musical talent. He has taken piano for 2 years and is now playing drums. Its great to see your child do something that you always wished you had some sort of talent to do!

Well I am rambling....must be the asprin talkin :-)

Till next time!

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Lori said...

A gorgeous picture, Mikester. And hey...whatever happened to "Ted"?!